Coach Soho XL Leather Flap

  1. OK ladies, what do you think of this bag?


    Has anyone seen it in person and if so, what do you think? I'm trying to decide on a new treat for myself. :love:

  2. I saw it yesteray in white (they didn't have the other colors displayed) and loved it! It is very big, but sleek and I LOVED the detailing on the strap. What color are you considering?
  3. I loved it online, was the first thing I noticed. Unfortunately the 2nd thing I noticed was that it costs $698!
  4. Willow, they had the black one on the left side of the customer service desk on the right side of the store :smile: I couldn't get a look at the white one because people were checking it out. The SA'a were cleaning the left side so I couldn't see the black one either :smile:
  5. I like the them.
  6. I know!! Grr. This is one of the two things I like, but the other bag is $800. No Coach for me right now :biggrin: I think it is gorgeous though!
  7. I really like it except for that $698 price tag! But, I will be making my final car payment next month so, I don't know. I'm thinking of maybe picking one up in March.
  8. I was thinking of getting the black one, so for $698 I have to thnk LONG and HARD! lol
  9. I want this in the camel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad but like Kansashalo I will be thinking LONG and HARD about it.....with fingers crossed for another PCE soon.....
  10. I did see the Coach Soho XL Leather Flap bag at the Flagship Store
    on 16th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I did not care for it.
    It pales in comparison to my Ali Bag in Whiskey. I also think that the
    bag is too expensive for what you are getting. I am going to wait for
    the Legacy slim tote in either black or camel.
  11. I feel the same way. Also, what I didn't like was how huge the flap was. It was kind of cumbersome to get in/out of because the flap was so long. :sad:
  12. I don't care for it.:shrugs:
  13. i personally really like this bag...if you're looking for the black go quick!
    the SA from the Coach just called me today, to let me know that the black Ali is being discontinued...

    speaking of which, can anyone confirm this?
  14. They're discontinuing the Ali in black leather!



    *run off to figure out how to squeeze $500 into my budget this week*