Coach soho suede hobo??

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  1. How do you like this bag? I actually find it very cute! It comes in two sizes and It looks so soft :love:

    So, what do you think???:huh:

    Does anyone know if these bags are available in europe?
    coach soho suede small hobo.jpg coach soho suede large hobo.jpg
  2. these bags come in many colors, different patterns, and different fabrics

    my sister has the white leather one (small version) and it's quite practical and a good size
  3. Can you carry easily your everyday things in it (like cell phone, keys, makeup, wallet etc.)???

    Have you seen the large too?
  4. I can't really see the straps . . . it's the cutest bag by Coach I've seen in a long time though.
  5. I don't know if they sell it in europe though...

  6. yes, easily!
    i've seen the large as well, but i like the small version better
  7. Thank you >)
  8. Can you order them from the Coach website?
  9. I loove the ginormo Coach hobos, I'm hoping to pick one up the next time I go to an outlet actually.

    Not sure if they really retail in Europe, Coach is very popular there.
  10. i have the small and large hobo. you can definitely fit all your keys, makeup, wallet etc in it. but i think the smaller one is pretty small. i can't fit everything into it and when i do its kind of bulky.

    does not ship international?
  11. I am almost sure Coach could ship one to you, but will need to treat the suede regularly, as the light pink (or any other colors) show EVERYTHING. I did Coach suede once, and the bag is ruined -- dirty and grungy looking. I saw some women with their suede Coach bags when I was shopping the other day, and they all looked dirty, like snow after cars have driven in it. So be careful, or buy leather.
  12. Myself I'm not a suede fan, now if they sold that in leather I would totaly get one.
  13. Coach outlets usually have alot of this style in different colors, both suede and leather. Check the outlet if you're close to one.
  14. its cute..:love: but not in suede as it'll get dirty very very fast!! as others said they have it in many other lovely fabrics etc.. so better choose non suede! ;)

    i dont know about how comfortable it is though..:oh:

    about international shipping.. email coach (they have their contact address in their site) and explain where you are.. and ask how you can you order.. i have dealt with their online customer service before and their reply was very helpful!! :idea:

    their site says they have a shop in Paris, France.. but do make sure :amuse:
  15. Love the style. The large one looks really stylish and like it would "slouch" well. Coach leather is always nice.
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