Coach Soho Small Flap 10316 Black

  1. Hey, just wanted to say hi and see if any one has this great bag?I love coach they are the best bags around!:tup:
  2. I have the large version in saddle, and I adore it!
    I think this is a bag that everyone should have!
  3. I have 2, the larger black/gray sig & the larger all-black signature, both from 04. The best bags for me forever!!!! Love the style from back then; although they have had the flaps for a while, they modify them slightly each season & I haven't found one since then that has worked as well for me!
  4. I have the older Larger version of the Saddle, Black, Mahogany (dk. brown), and Brown/khaki Signature but sold (on eBay) the Mahogany & the Brown/khaki Signature recently. I also have the older Smaller version of the Black/White Signature, Black, Orchid Pink, and Mahogany but sold all my smaller ones recently (on eBay) except for the Black/White Signature and the Brown/khaki Signature. I do love this Soho Buckle Flap style because the style really goes with ANYTHING (jeans to dresses).