Coach Soho Signature Tote #10079

  1. Hihi, me a newbie here :yes:

    I wanna get dis lovely bag cos it's big and can fit my sch books!! Any idea how long would this bag be in the official website before it gets "deployed" to outlets? Would this model even be sent to outlets?? Cos I dunno whether should I get it now or wait :confused1: Thanks ya!
  2. I have seen this bag in outlets but not in black, what color are you looking for?
  3. Oh no no no!! I want it in black/silver :sad: Want somethg dat is subtle, can't really see the sig cos most of my coach sig babies are prominent!! I'm so sad!! How much is the price difference between the retail price and the outlet price ya? And which outlet do u see this model? Thks soooo muchie! :yes: