Coach Soho Signature Studded Large Hobo 6426

  1. I bought this purse and haven't seem to find anyone else who has it on this forum. I was wondering if someone does. It was a limited edition and is not being sold by Coach anymore. I am so excited to get it. I paid $429. Here are some pics! Let me know if you have any comments or if you know anything about the bag.

    -HandbagAshley :roflmfao:
  2. I remember last spring it was very popular. There was also a smaller hobo and perhaps other bags. It's a very nice bag! Congrats.
  3. I remember seeing this too. Very nice I must say!
  4. adorable!
  5. I like the pink and purple on the sides, and the braiding. Post pics when you get it! :smile:
  6. Here are some pictures that I have of the bag. I will definitely post more once I receive it. I should get it by the end of the week, I hope! I ordered a checkbook wallet to match from Coach..but, it doesn't have the pink detailing...just the dark brown and signature C's to match. Let me know what you think!
    coach_signaturestuddedhobo2.jpg coach_signaturestuddedhobo3.jpg coach_signaturestuddedhobo4.jpg coach_signaturestuddedhobo6.jpg
  7. This was in the stores in the early part of this year, I liked it but the buckle would drive me insane.
  8. I saw one about 2 weeks ago at the Hagerstown outlet. It didn't have the purple & pink but more neutral colors. Still it was pretty expensive. Congrats!!

  9. I have a purse with an open top from Coach that has the buckle and it doesn't bother me at all. I like it because you don't have to zip it up, you just flap it over the top. Why don't you like the buckle? Just curious.
  10. I like it a lot.. I do remember when this was in stores.. i love the pink/purple trim on the sides, its really pretty! CONGRATS
  11. I think when it's fastened it looks great, but then the two extra seconds or so to fumble with it. It would flap all over for me, LOL.
  12. Ooohh, thats a pretty bag!
  13. I love this bag. Can i ask where did u get it? I have been looking for this style or the satchel forEVER!!!!! ANYONE PLEASE PM ME.. IF YOU KNOW!!! thanks soo mucH!
  14. My friend has that bag but in gold. I love it. It was a limited edition bag.
    Where did you get it from?
  15. I got it from eBay. I checked with Coach before buying it to make sure it was Authentic. It was the only one on eBay. There was another for sale, but it wasn't new and the handle was thanks. This one is brand new and comes with tags, etc. and guaranteed authentic or money back. I am so excited to get it. I bought a Coach checkbook wallet to match and a sparkly Coach keychain! hehe.