Coach Soho Satchel 10580...Thoughts?

  1. I've been eyeing a camel Soho Satchel #10580 on eBay. Don't really know much about this style. Any thoughts from those of you who own one? Is it comfortable? Is it like a shoulder bag where it fits snuggly under the armpit? Is this an old style? Sorry about all the questions. I really shouldn't get another bag, but this one seems cute...

    Thanks for any help out there.
  2. I think this bag came out a few seasons ago? I have seen them in the outlet, but I can't remember how much they were going for...sorry. I did try it on and it fit under my arm but it is more of a satchel style I think so it might get bulky if you fill it up. I pulled this picture up from the drilldown according to the style number you listed
  3. I have the large version of this bag:


    I belive the handle drop is the same, but yes it fits comfortably on the shoulder. My Mom bought this bag (full price I might add, LOL) and then decided (way to late I might add to return it, she had used it a few times, but has realized since then that she is more in love with LV) that it wasn't for her, so I got to adopt it. I get quite a few bags this way since she is very impulsive that way. Also it "slouched" a bit more on the top then she liked.

    My bag is HUGE, but if I need to carry alot of stuff that day, or need a nice carry-on bag. I use this. Charms don't really fit on the rings though, so I tie a scarf on it instead.

    The one thing the smaller version has that mine doesn't and I wish it did, was the outside pockets on each side (flat pockets on the ring side).

    The leather is very soft, so it squishes, I really think you will have no problem fitting it over your shoulder. It has feet too, if you were wondering.

    It was from Spring 2007, also came in dark brown leather, and signature styles, as well as a lime green (in the large) and some canvas versions (also large), oh and a parchment leather version with dark handles (also large).

  4. I paid $458 for the penelope that krispin411 noted in the boutique, but mom got one at my outlet for $242???

    My BF bought the bag the OP mentioned, but in signature for $237 in Nov. They had leather, but I don't recall seeing camel. Only chocolate and black.
  5. I have this bag in black leather and let me tell you it gets heavy. It fits underneath the armpit just fine. It does get very slouchy. I stopped using it after while because it just got too heavy for me.

  6. Thanks for the heads up. Not sure I would like to carry a heavy bag (cute or not). I think you just saved me some dinero. :yes:
  7. I would have to say that I had this bag and I did not find it very heavy. It was lighter than my legacy bags for sure! But it was big inside so you could make it heavy depending on what you were carrying. I paid $191 at the outlet for mine. It does have some very convenient pockets on the outside.
  8. ^^ I carry the same stuff in my Chelsea hobo and in my Ergo hobo and those bags are no where near has heavy as what this purse ended up feeling like when I had it all in there.

    I've never had any of the legacy bags so I'm not sure if they are heavier than this one but for me it was too much.
  9. I agree. I have this in mahogany leather & don't find it to be too heavy. I have a bad shoulder & back too... I wear it on my shoulder or on my arm, totally depends. But it does fit comfortably under the arm. The leather is sooooo soft and beautiful, and the outside pockets are super convenient. I got it in November @ the outlet & also paid $191. I :heart: this bag very much & would probably get it in another color if I had the extra $$