Coach soho line *gulp* .. discontinued???!!

  1. Did the stupid ergo replace the soho line?!? *PANIC* I don't see any soho items up on!!! :hysteric: I own 4 Coach bags - ALL FOUR are hobo's - 3 soho - that's what drew me to Coach - it's the only line I really liked!! I knew when the ergo hobo came out it meant trouble for the soho hobo. Stupid, stupid ergo! Say it isn't so!! Say just *sold out* of the entire soho line!! :wtf: :hysteric:
  2. There are tons of people on here that adore all the ergo maybe I wouldn't say it was necessarily a stupid line...though I am sure many of them also like soho bags.

    Well, I think the only solution if that is true, is eBay! I would buy some now before people jack up the prices even more!
  3. *Sigh* I was just upset. I don't mean the line is really stupid - I'm just letting the child in me come out a tad over the anonymous internet. Stomping my foot a bit, so-to-speak.

    I was miffed.
  4. What did the ergo ever do to you?!?! :wtf: Just kidding.. I think... umm have you checked the outlets lately? :shrugs:
  5. ^^^ lmao no - I'm not searching for a new bag or anything... it's just, every so often I browse the Coach site to check out their newest soho hobo... and now it's... *choke*, *swallow* ... gone. Those bastards
  6. I found a Chocolate Soho Leather Flap at the Outlet last week! It perfectly matched my Soho wallet that I had from a couple of years ago!:heart:
  7. yeah maybe the outlets or eBay...either way. I see soho bags on eBay all the time!
  8. At my outlet there a tons of SOHO items! Lots and lots of bags and wallets!
  9. Soho was discontinued at Full Price Boutiques. It is now become a staple Factory line. So please visit your nearest factory store to appreciate and love all the soho products!
  10. Argggg I'm not an outlet fan!! I don't want to search through outlets... it's tedious IMO, personally, that is... when I want a bag the fun is not in the hunt for me... I'm not a bag huntress... For me, it's going and getting the bag I want when I want it... or simply going on line and *click* - the very bag I want is on it's way to me... I'm a lazy handbag aficionado...

    I'm troubled.

    This very well may be my farewell to Coach...
  11. well.. if it's a line from the factory store then you won't have to search for it. They should be at all outlets on the tables waiting for you.. no searching needed. I love the soho line too!

  12. Oh no!!! I too love the Soho line. I do not have a Coach store or factory outlet near me. I say near as in within 100 miles (I hate driving!!). I have resorted to or Ebay. I do like to "hunt" for things though. That is why I am a shop-a-holic. I am lucky in that fact that I really have developed a taste for a lot of the Coach lines, so I know I will be shopping Coach for a while still :tup:
  13. For now you can shop for the Coach Soho line at the outlets. The new
    and revamped Soho line will be featured at the Coach Boutiques in
    Fall 2008.
  14. Hmmm... very interesting...
  15. And, I'm sure you could always CALL the outlets since you don't like to "hunt" through them. That way, if there are many outlets in your area you can narrow it down. :smile: