Coach Soho Leather Demi Flap

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  1. What do y'all think about this handbag is Mahogany? I need a dark brown bag that's small in size and wondered if this is worth the $200 ( I know I know..not a lot but wanted something cost efficient). It's like this pic but only in dark brown and real.:lol:

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  2. Oh, I saw the mahogany (dark brown) in that version at the store and I just love it! $200 ain't a bad price but I believe you can find them at the Coach outlet for cheaper since it's leather. I seen them there before. Omg, when it comes to Coach bags, I'm all about the OUTLET!! lol :lol:

  3. Oh my god, yes ! I don't think I've ever paid the retail price for a Coach bag.. :lol:
  4. I like the Bag, there's something about a flap bag for me! And it seems like it will fit your needs go for it!
  5. It's a very cute bag!
  6. It's cute, I had thought about buying the same bag a couple of months ago. It comes in this beautiful bright orange color that I love!
  7. Grrrrreat bag, great price. Go for it.
  8. I'm agreeing with Irissy here, very cute bag...but check the outlets first! T

  9. Super advice! This weekend I'll check out the outlets near me and see if I can snatch one up. I'll let y'all know if they have it!
  10. Just wanted to let y'all know that I finally went and bought the purse! I was out of town on a snowboarding trip and wanted something small yet functional to carry w/ me. It worked out to be the perfect lil' handbag and I just adore it now! Now, my next purchase will prob be sometime this month....the LV Damier Ribera! Yea, can't wait! Thanks for everyone's help too!:P
  11. Congrats! Enjoy it, and I hope you get the Ribera :love:
  12. Thank you! Me too...stillll haven't made it into the LV store yet but I am going to see how it will work out sometime in the next couple of weeks. Do you think the Ribera MM would be too big on a petite person such as myself, 5'2"?
  13. Excellent choice and the mahogany is a beautiful color
  14. I think that if you really love the bag, then no, it is not too big. You also have to consider that you will carry in the bag. When the Marc Jacobs Stella first came out, 2 SAs at Neimans thought it was too big for me (I'm 5'3" on a very good day). But, I kept thinking about the bag and finally bought it. Now, I am so used to it that I have a hard time buying smaller, more to my size, bags.
  15. I'm with SuLi - if you love a bag, it is never too big.
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