COACH Soho Leather Braided Satchel - Care

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  1. Does anyone have this bag or style of leather and if so how do you care for it? Mine is the tobacco color.


  2. you're not supposed to put any leather cleaner or moisturizer on the pebbled leather, just wipe it clean with a very very slightly damp cloth

    ETA: Welcome to TPF!
  3. :drool: I love the Mia in magenta. It's gorgeous. So is the tobacco!

    The leather is pebbled, so don't use leather cleaner OR moisturizer on it, even if it's the Coach branded cleaner or moisturizer you don't want to use it. A slightly damp cloth or a baby wipe to wipe it clean, and I'd be EXTREMELY cautious with those. You have to be VERY careful with pebbled leather.

    Enjoy that beauty! Welcome to tPF!
  4. Wow, thank you for the fast replies and the warm welcome!! :yahoo:
  5. i have a bag that has the same leather in tobacco ( a duffle) it is my best bag!! it withstands everything!! it gets nicks and scratches but just wipe it with a damp cloth and it kind of rubs in.... you cant really get it dirty
  6. Its really pretty. I think the darker the leather the easier to wipe clean.
  7. Ooh, this is what I've been looking for! :smile: I've got one in the tobacco color and I've been wondering if carrying it in the rain will harm it? Is there a way to waterproof it?
  8. I also have this GORGEOUS bag in tobacco and I have not done anything to it! I was thinking of using Apple Gard Rain and Stain spray - it's a great product that I've used on my Chloes, Fendi spy and other leathers. Even Balenciaga bag owners use it on their light-colored delicate leathers. But there might be a chance of the beautiful color darkening. So I will leave it be and let it dry out if I get caught in the rain with it. :yes:
  9. I apologise for bumping such an old old thread... but I own this bag in winter white? (that's the colour the seller advertised it as anyway!), which is a tad harder to keep clean than tobacco or magenta, and I'd like some tips on how to clean it!

    I always thought this bag was made of burnished leather... but perhaps I'm wrong. I had to hunt mine down through *bay, so I'm not too sure as to the specifics of this bag. Mine really doesn't look pebbled at all though!

    I've placed an order for the apple cleaner and moisturiser- would these products help at all?

    Thank you!!!