Coach sneaks!

  1. My mom bought me these coach sneakers about 2 weeks ago because she thought they were cute. I think they're adorable, but every time I go to put them on I feel like they look silly with what I'm wearing :shame:

    They're adorable...and they were free for me - I just need some ideas on what to wear with them! Jeans?

    I have 2 coach bags I could use to match them, a large black coach hobo and a large brown hobo. But I really don't use them often - I'm more of an LV girl. And I think my black balenciaga would go with them, but putting balenciaga and coach together just seems...weird to me...? Arg! Opinions??

    Here are the shoes:

    And here are the Coach bags I have (sorry for the icky picture - it's a picture I took when I got them for my birthday in April - I used my camera phone because I was at my dorm):
  2. cute! I think they would look cute with jeans and a tee somewhere sporty like a baseball game with the black--NOT brown--hobo
  3. Hey there, I think the sneaks are really cute.. U can just wear with jeans and also shorts. its looks really cool with shorts :smile: those tat are really 'in' now,.
    Dun really have to match a bag. Ur black hobo is nice to go with though. But I personally thinks a big one looks cool when u are wearing sneaks & shorts :idea:
    Btw u have a really sweet mum :heart:
  4. ^^ Ooh I agree...maybe not short shorts but bermudas would look cute
  5. Hmmm...maybe I'll try it today. Yeah, I didn't think the brown hobo would work with the shoes. So I guess jeans - but what type of shirt? A black top or would that be black over-kill?
  6. I actually think that jeans and any kind of top would look cute with those shoes...just my opinion though. They are great shoes....what a great mom...
  7. I would do the black shoes, with jeans, a white wife beater under a black slim jacket.
  8. Congrats.
  9. Hey!! How coool and nice your mom is! That's a nice pair of shoes. I reckon that the shoes would also go well with a pair of gauchos / cullottes and cropped pants.

    I think your sneak can go with any color bags since its a basic color as long as its medium to large size bags. Small or pochette accessoire is a No-no. My advice is be adventurous and have fun coordinating your look around youe sneak. Have fun!!

    Btw, I just saw the same pair at Coach but its in fuschia color. What do you think? Should I get it? Thanks
  10. I haven't seen them in a fuschia - I saw them in bronze though. I'm not really a big coach fan, so when I wore them I felt kinda weird having big Coach logo's on my shoes :hrmm:

    If you love Coach, go for it.
  11. I would just do jeans, the black shoes and black bag, and any kind of cute top in a fairly basic color. Maybe a pale blue or pink polo? A white shirt would be cute for summer too.
  12. I have those shoes and let me say they are SUPER comfy!!!! I usually wear them with jeans and a tee/polo.
  13. Cute, I think jeans & a tee would look good with those shoes. Just a simple outfit, yeah?
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