coach slate suede shoulder bag price!

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  1. Ok, I fell in love with the coach suede slate bag and was determined to get it during the pce. However, I never bothered to look at the price. How is it that that bag is going for 598. I really thought it was about 450. I am stunned right now.The suede ali style bag is 600 plus. With all due respect to Coach but those are some outrageous prices. I'm seriously torn right now I really love the shoulder bag but 600, come on! Sorry, just had to vent!
  2. I feel your pain. The prices are getting a little crazy lately. I'm in love with the Chelsea Abbey but no way did I have $798 to spend on it! Of course now it's at the outlets and I'm working on dh to get it for me, lol.

    I really feel like Coach took a big jump in their prices lately.
  3. I feel the same way and I absolutely love the suede bag you are talking about...I can't justify spending that much $$$$ right now. I know that basically we are paying for an all suede bag, however, how well would it wear? I hate these prices, even with PCE discounts!!!! :tdown: