Coach Ski Pocket - Large size

  1. RATS, I LOVED this purse when it came out, DID NOT buy it.... STILL love it and WANT it. Does anyone know WHERE I might can BUY IT??
    Khaki/White, rabbit fur, large size. THANKS
    coach ski pocket.jpg
  2. I have seen a couple on eBay within the past month. I will def keep my eyes peeled for one for you.
  3. Thank you, me, too. I loved these when they came out and thought I would "get over it"... and here I am still pining for this bag. Since it is a WINTER ONLY bag, does coach have a similar style that has all these pockets but NO FUR?? I love pockets and long straps. Seems like all the bags of "today" are totes w/ short straps and NO POCKETS.
  4. Coach did make a scribble bag in the smae style (with out the fur) in 06 I think. It was just as cute. I am so happy I am not the only one who is a pocket girl. I love having pockets!
  5. Well, if you see any of these scribble bags with all the pockets, girlfriend, you holler. I have only seen the multi-color scribble, too many colors. Want a neutral black/grey or the traditional khaki/white. I occassionally have seen one on eBay, but don't know enough to know what is real and what is not. My 17-year old has MANY coach bags, but she likes a huge bag where all the stuff just falls to the bottom. Some of her bags could be considered LUGGAGE. SHE is NOT a pocket girl, I have to be more organized than that.
    Appreciate your help, darlin!:tup:
  6. Like this?
    Does this look AUTH? And was this ever made in black, do you know? Wasn't there a pocket messenger or something in black?
  7. I think so, but it was more like a satchel. It was also really cute I will see if I can dig up a picture for you!