Coach siting this weekend

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  1. I think this is the fall patchwork tote from 07. I know it is recent just don't know if it is fall or holiday patchwork but I know it is from 07. They had these at the outlets recently but I didn't see any when I went last week. Maybe ebay or craigslist. I like that one too. This patchwork and the spring patchwork from 06 i think with the pink and green are my favorites !
  2. Ths is the fall patchwork from 07.. they had them at the outlets about a month ago, you could try there or ebay.. very cute! :tup:
  3. Impulsebuyer, I am mistaken it is not the Madeline, I was looking through the pics and so many didn't have the name on them, but one that is similar was the Legacy shoulder bag, I just don't know if it comes in leather and the Mia denim stripe seems close or maybe I just really really liked it, I have looked at so many. But is was a gorgeous bag and I would love to know what is called, I should have taken a pic with my cell fon, but of course I think of that now :hrmm:
  4. Mrs C and fieldsinspring, Thank you so much, I am going to start stalking Ebay and see what I can find on this, does anyone know about what they run?
  5. You bet! :tup: The Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote was $199.99 at the California Outlets when I was there on March 15th... they may have gone down since then, if they are even still available. :shrugs: HTH! :tup:
  6. Ok, I think I may have found something very similar to the all leather one, could it have been the Chelsea? Is it available in a lt to med brown?
  7. Thanks again fieldsinspring!!!
  8. :graucho:
  9. I just snagged that Holiday Patchwork Tote at my outlet 2 wks ago for $199. They don't get many of those in, but you can ask them to track one down for you. They were going to do that when they got a return in and I grabbed it quickly! I already had the wallet and then decided (after they were gone in the stores) I had to have the tote too!