Coach siting this weekend

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  1. If you are a tpfer and attended the HOA Volleyball tournament in KC this weekend and are from Oklahoma, I saw you! and your gorgeous bags! I see Coach all the time, I am not an expert so I can't tell the fakes so well, you ladies were NOT carrying fakes of that I am most certain and I have you to blame for my new found love and search for a coach bag. Dh couldn't wait for our match to be over as I was lusting for your plaid bag and a beautiful leather tote.

    So today I am here on coach and I am going to be scouring this area to find the bags and the names so I can start a new obsession much to dh's dismay! ;)
  2. What a cute post. I know what you mean, I am always admiring bags and then when I think I am satisfied for the moment I see one on someone and that is it, I HAVE to have it ! I was not at this event that you speak of but you are probably talking about the tattersal print for the plaid. The tote could be anything, did it have one pocket in the front or 2 or none at all. We can probably help and welcome to the Coach sub forum !
  3. It was a tan large rectangular boxy looking bag, I think the details were brass, as the other bag had silver. It looked like it could hold everything it was large but not too large and looked very comfortable.
  4. It
  5. This is me too!!!! :angel:
  6. ah ha..."coachie girls", looks like we pulled another on over to the dark-side:devil:!!!

    There are a lot of people here who can corrupt your of enablers!!! OF COURSE, NOT ME though:angel:!!! LOL!!!
  7. [​IMG]was this it?
  8. It was more of a patchwork, with purple in it, and with some leather accents. Cute Cute Cute
  9. Maybe this then? :smile:

  10. I was thinking the indigo patchwork [​IMG]I took this pic from ebay, not my auction.
  11. Yes Psxgurl that is one of them is there a smaller version similar to this? One was carrying 2 both of them this style one large and one smaller and the leather one, I am still searching the maintenance stopped that for a bit but I am back at it.
  12. Welcome to Coach, I love this forum. There is always someone here willing to share their knowledge, idea's and loves with others. I have learned a lot in the past year, but continue to learn something new everyday. I have always liked Coach bags, now I appreciate them more and it has clearly become an obsession for me. So, Welcome Obsessive lv. And to all of my fellow Coachies on tpf, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. [​IMG]
    This is one of them, Is it available? (borrowed (stole) the pic from an auction on ebay) sorry if its yours
  14. The Coach Madeline tote looks very similar to the leather one, it had a scarf tied to it, what colors does it come it, it seemed a light to med brown.
  15. Welcome Obsessive lv! The Madeline comes in Brass and Black/Geranium/Buckskin and Parchment. I've pasted the bucksin here.

    (I have the Geranium - Medium Madeline and love love LOVE her!)