Coach Site Updated?

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  1. Looks like a lot of the new stuff is on the Coach website. I wonder if that is it for September? I thought they usually updated towards the last few days of the month.
  2. ^That's so funny! I have been at work since 7am checking the website because I heard it would be updated today but it was still the old stuff until just now! So excited.
  3. ohmigoddess...i think i might go nuts! there is so much cute stuff!
  4. Ugh, I hate the fact that they came out w/so many more things and I already ordered some stuff for PCE... looks like I might be returning some and buying some other things, LOL
  5. The Devin is listed as in stock, but I thought that bag was only produced in some crazy small number??
  6. ACCKKKK!!!! *faint* Love seeing all the new stuff!!! :yahoo:
  7. Did you notice that the Devin Camel/Brown color isn't even listed....I wanted that color so bad! :sad:

  8. wowow alot of stuff has been removed - OUTLETS HURRRRYYYYYYYYY
  9. I don't get it...the Maggie is part of the Madison collection and then there is a Mia collection, which also has a Maggie?? What is the basic difference, if anyone knows? Lost here...
  10. aww I like the little bow rings...

  11. The rest has gone to the GOING GOING GONE section
  12. Wow, now that I got a dotted op art sophia, I want some accessorie's and charms.Unreal, all of these accessorie's are great this time around.Thank God we still have PCE until Sunday:smile:
  13. Hooray for the new fobs! And the red patent Sophia... and Poppy Luxey... and on and on...

  14. wow is right...tons of stuff is gone...madison maggie(regular and most large), brynne(leather), Hailey(knew that though), some Alexandra...Madison Raisin and Midnight anything...

    they did add pet collars, weren't people hoping for those???
  15. Auredys and Brynne is OFF site so is the PURPLE MAGGIE
    OMG I need an extra TANK