Coach Silver Hamptons Hobo TOO BIG?

  1. Hi, is the Coach Silver Hamptons Hobo too large? I'm not exactly sure what the measurements are, but does anyone else? Is it just a larger version of the Coach Metallic Scribble Hobo?
  2. What's the style #?
  3. 9494
  4. I have the small pastel scribble hobo, and I think its the best size ever. It could be a tad bigger, but for the most part.. I like the small much better than the large.
  5. I have the small scribble hobo too, and I think it's pretty big. The large one is huge, IMO, but I know a lot of people like it.
  6. does anyone know where i could buy the purse now?
  7. There was one on eBay earlier today.
  8. I have that exact bag, it is really cute and i love it. I can post pics if you want...
  9. I love that bag but can never find it in the larger size. I like bigger bags.