Coach Signature "Wapity" on sale!

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  1. Hi ladies, just letting you know that I went by a Coach outlet today and Coach's signature version of the LV Wapity (at least it looks like a Wapity to me!) is WAY on sale. I got this cute little one for $15.99 - a steal! They're available in a lot of colors and run anywhere from $15.99 to about $24 for the more standard colors (black, etc). I'm using mine as a camera case I's not the beautiful LV wapity, that's for sure, but for $15.99 it's a very reasonable substitute IMO :amuse:

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  2. pretty cute! that's a cute spring color. and it's st patrick's day today!
  3. ^^^ Haha, I didn't even think about getting a good deal on a green bag and St. Patrick's day as connected :smile: The luck of the Irish was with me!
  4. oooh very cute....must find a coach outlet near me....
  5. Very cute. :biggrin:
  6. Cute! And green! Double cute!!
  7. vanojr9 -

    Where is your Coach outlet? I've been looking for one... and I was at my Outlet on Tuesday and they didn't have any!
  8. Very nice find! I wish they had them in just plain leather. I would snatch one up..not too fond of the "C" signature canvas anymore.
  9. Aww, that green Coach is sooooo adorable!
  10. Cute. That is what they call a make up case! I love that color. What a steal. CoachKatie only some outlets have signature. You may want to try to get a member to pick one up for you and ship it to you (outlets won't do that) I would offer but the outlets in jersey and ny don't carry them either.
  11. Excellent idea!

    Anyone reading this... would you be willing? I have a Paypal account and I'll pay you for it and the shipping and some extra cash for travel costs if you wish! Please comment or PM me. I'd be soooo greatful! If you've seen them at your outlet, which colors do they have? Thank you!
  12. ooo, I want one! Which outlet did you get it from?

    And the outlets won't let you call and mail the item to you? Even bath and body works will do THAT.
  13. No... they won't... and I'm desperately wanting one :o(
  14. CoachKatie, my Coach outlet is in Central IL, but it only carries limited signature pieces. What are you looking for? I might be able to swing by and pick something up for you:amuse:
  15. Well I have been looking for something such as the "wapity" or another cosmetics case as well as other small signature items, but those aren't really an issue. The majority of the items at the outlet by me are all leather and whatnot - no signature at all (which I really like, lol)! Do you by chance know what colors they had and prices perhaps? I'm not too picky, just really looking for something colorful and fun! Thanks sooo much!