Coach Signature Stripe Totes - which size?

  1. For those of you that have these bags, can you post a picture modeling them? (and, if you don't mind, include your height?)

    I'm debating between the small (10124) and "medium" (10125) sized totes...and, quite frankly, don't care which size I get, just want to get a good price of eBay! hehehe...but I'm wondering how bit the medium (10125) is.


    (ps - I say "medium" because there IS a larger on, the travel tote, which I saw at an outlet once and it was just GINORMO)
  2. I like the older Chelsea Pebbled Totes and keep looking on eBay, cant get a good price to save my life. All seem to go over 250.00 I should have grabbed the one I saw when I was at the outlet.

    I am 5'2 and I love the look of the over size totes.
  3. What - this bag?

    dang...I got this for like $189 or so at the outlet last year... (and it's a great bag...good luck finding one!)
    ooo - here's one under $200

    I'm 5'9" I don't like super tiny bags for daily use...but I'm just wondering if the medium one is going to be too "long" know?
  4. The outlets are full of chelsea's right now on clearance!!! Lots of them - and I think that tote too!
  5. Hey, I have to go to school in a few so I can't take a pic now, but I am also 5'9" and I have the medium size sig stripe tote. I actually considered buying a small one at the outlet a week or so ago, but it just looked too small on me. I like the medium.
  6. 10125 is still pretty large, so i would go with 10124.

    i'm 5'6" and, eh, not small...and the regular size (the smallest one) was more than big enough on my frame, but had a little problem with the strap length (but i'm picky i don't like dealing with short straps).

  7. here is me with the 10124 the one that costs $268
    i dunno which size i guess the regular size :smile:

    I am aout 5'5 and voluptuous (to put it kindly hehe)

    i think its perfect!

  8. Me with the 10124.....I'm 5'0" on a good day. And I am by no means "small" but the straps fit fine on my shoulder.

  9. attack of the punch totes! mine is the $268 one, 10124 i think? i'm 5'6.

  10. hha i love how my punch tote is Snug under my arm and milos is like you could put another arm in there!!! :smile:

    hehe but it looks amazing on both of us! (and kallison of course!)!:smile: yaay punch totes!
  11. Gosh, that punch tote is dang cute!
    I tried both on and the bigger one seemed pretty big. I liked the 10124 better as well.
  12. Thanks so much ladies! I really appreciate you taking the time to post.

    so many punch totes! (i'm actually leaning towards finding a gold or crimson one...)

    for anyone that has the medium (10125) you feel it's too "deep"? I feel if i have a bag this deep, the fact that there is only one "pocket" might drive me insane.

  13. i couldn't even FIT it under my arm...yours is snug...and milodrinker needs a cheeseburger!

    i look cute, damnit. even if i was in my sweats.
  14. i think we all look pretty dang cute! thanks to that beautiful, beautiful tote!

    deweydrop, get the GOLD!! sooooo cute! my favourite after the punch!
  15. we're hot. :cool: