Coach Signature Stripe question?

  1. I'm thinking about getting the Signature Stripe in Gunmetal #11098. Is it really small or medium small (if that makes sense)? If anyone can post action shots or comparison shots that would be great!
  2. I have no pics right now, but it is SUCH a roomy bag. I can fit so much in it and it still feels light. I can not say enough great things about the sig stripe totes!
  3. first off, let me say, this bag is SO MUCH PRETTIER in person than in pictures. The stripe really POPS IRL.

    I bought this during the PCE in September...LOVE IT. The bag is VERY roomy. In it I've carried the large matching accordian wallet (shown), matching mini skinny (with my keys attached) a medium cosmetics bag (coach), cell phone, fit so much in here! Now, granted, when it's REALLY FULL I don't reccommend carrying it on your shoulder ALL DAY...the straps CAN dig in a bit. But when "normally" full (ie, no novel, water bottle, snacks), it's very comfy and works so well as an every day bag.

    and, to be totally honest, I didn't like the larger version of this bag. it was too wide...the porportions looked "off" to me...especially with the same skinny straps. JMO

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Thanks ladies! Dewey you rock w/the pics! I'm so getting it now.....yay!
  5. I have this bag in chocolate- its verrry roomy! i was actually surprised at how much stuff I can pack in it. Get it! Youll love it!
  6. heres my action shot!
  7. Thanks glamgirl! I had the hardest time choosing between the Chocolate and the Gunmetal. I love that sparkly stripe. Looks great on you :smile:
  8. Dewey...I so want the matching Mini and Wallet. Hopefully for Christmas :smile:
  9. That bag is just so prettty! But it's a bit to small for me..:sad:
  10. This is a bag that is on my lifetime wishlist!
    I have seen the small on, and imo it's perfect!
    it isn't even that small! the dimensions on that are like the same as my large scribble tote! lol!
    I really want one! ugh!!!!!!!
    and i agree, the large one seems weird with the small straps, and i think it's too tall!
    post pictures when you get it!
  11. i actually won the skinny off eBay for like $5 less than retail total.

    hey...5 bucks less is 5 bucks less! heheh
  12. I just bought that tote in that color combo.......Haven't carried it yet but I think it's going to be a perfect size. It will hold everything my Ergo tote holds, and then some. I got the skull keyfob for it and I can't wait to take it out! LOL. Here's a pic of mine with the truly cannot see how beautiful the gunmetal is. I was going to get the chocolate until I saw the gunmetal in person!
  13. I have been eyeing that tote in chocolate/bronze combo for awhile now!! I so want it. Do you guys have the smallest version? What are the dimensions? I worry about the fact that there's no zipper...does your stuff fall out?? That is really the only thing stopping me from getting one. I just wish Coach could do EVERYTHING right in one bag!! LOL;)
  14. I absolutely love this bag, I'm really thinking I should get one. My concern is the straps - do they both stay on, or does one kinda slide off? I want something that's going to stay put pretty well.
  15. Gorgeous! I was totally wanting the skull to go with it I see that it looks awesome! Thanks for the pix :smile: