Coach Signature Stripe colors for fall?

  1. Can any SA let me know which colors the signature stripe totes (the new one, 11098) is going to be available in? I've seen the brown/bronze one...but I was curious what other colors are coming?

    Also I see the older model, 10124, is back with Crimson and the GORGEOUS black/black combo!

  2. I just don't like that black/silver combo! It just looks weird to me! Crimson, however, is delicious! O_O
  3. really?
    honestly, think it's prettier in person than the pictures...the silver (pewter/gunmetal/whatever) just SPARKLES against the black..

    I'm not a huge black/black signature fan...but this bag is tempting me
  4. Is this the brown one that's coming out? I like it! (this one is 11099 though)

  5. I liked the black/black in the large reversible tote! I was supposed to get it but never found it when I wanted to buy it =[
  6. OMG I love the black/black tote!
  7. i was told that people thought it would come out after PCE.... like the 25 is what i heard!
    i'm so anxious to see those other colors!
  8. I saw the black/gunmetal in person & it's beautiful!
  9. I have the black/black tote. I got it last Christmas. I love it!! I think it's my most used bag lol
  10. excellent...thanks for the headsup!

    i have no shot in hell getting PCE...I so rarely buy at the boutique...but I might treat myself to a new siggy stripe tote this fall/winter.

  11. Does anyone know if there will be wallets available in these colors? Thank you!!
  12. Here is a wallet?

  13. I found these things too.

  14. ooo....this brown/bronze is REALLY growing on it in the mini-skinny too...

    i'm so torn between getting a brown or black bag this fall! (I have way more brown in my current collection than black...only have one black bag)

    hmm...wonder if they will remake 11098 in the black/black? hmmm....that would do me in I think...
  15. will swing packs come in these colors?