Coach Signature Small or Large Flap Bleecker?

  1. I really LOVE the "Wine" color in the small flap sig. bleecker...BUT...I love the back pocket in the larger version. I did call a store a good hour and a half from me. They have both. (But not in wine) The woman at Macy's shouldn't be in handbags...She couldn't tell the difference between the two.:wtf: Sure they're simular but I see differences from just photos online.

    So...Do I go with the color I "love" in the Wine color and go with the Small Flap...OR...Go with the Large Flap sig. and get the brown...Or do I go bold with Black...:confused1: I have Christmas money burnin' a hole in my pocketbook...

    I did call JAX and they have NO "Wine" sig. bleeckers available anywhere. So I would have to go on eBay...To get the Wine colored Small Flap Sig. Bleecker...Which would allow me extra cash to get something else maybe another Coach...OR...Take the plunge and get the Large Flap Sig. Bleecker. (I had a friend state that their was no comparisons with the Large over the Smaller one. And she thought I should go for the Large Flap Bleecker hands down) Any opinions from ones whom own either one?

    I can make it to the Mall tomorrow...And see them in hand...And if I decide the larger walk out with one in hand...They have the brown and the black sig. in the large...But again NO wine colored there...But I could compare the differences in the two. But the sales lady had to actually ASK someone if the larger were LARGER than the ones hanging...:rolleyes: Again...WHAT IS SHE DOING WORKING IN HANDBAGS IF SHE CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE!?! But then I think of the craziness of after Christmas lines...And think...I should just buy it online...And forget the hassle...
  2. Well.....since Im seriously contemplating the large right now, that would be my choice.:yes:
  3. The large is TDF IMO and the regular is okay. But the strap in unfinished in the regular , smaller size. Plus it doesn't have the lovely hardware (although some people can't wear the large because of it).

  4. Thanks...Which one are you leaning towards? (Color/Signature/all leather) I really like back pocket in a handbag...I just may fight the mall tomorrow after all...Thanks~;)
  5. That back pocket on the large flap is such a handy thing - I stuff bills, coupons, all kinds of stuff in there. Makes the bag worth the extra cash in my opinion.

  6. I AM NOW SOLD ON THE LARGE FLAP! :flowers:Thanks~ Now...Black like yours or the brown one...They have BOTH at the Macy's I called...So I'll check them both out...Thanks~:smile:

  7. CRAP! I just called them...They don't have the Large Flaps anymore...SOLD OUT! So it's online shopping for me...Which color...:confused1:...Which color...
  8. I own the large flap in khaki/coal black signature and I LOVE it! The color scheme goes with black or brown clothing (or any other colors, for that matter!), and the size is perfect. The small would not hold enough for me. And I usually prefer a front pocket on my purse, but the back pocket on the large flap has taken the place of that on this bag. Very comfortabe to carry, lightweight and the hardware is beautiful.
  9. :shame: Embarressed to say...I orded neither...I was searching this forum on Flap Bleekers...And stumbled upon a post on the small flap ALL leather bleecker. And well...Went to investigate...And :love: fell in love with it...So...I called JAX last night my time 11:30pm...And the wonderful woman was able to locate one in British Tan the color that I was wanting...And sooooo....It's coming to my house!:wlae::yahoo: I do want to thank everyone for their sound advice...But upon looking at the ALL leather Small Flap Bleecker...I was lost with NEED...:drool:

    I also LOVE the lining... Someone compared pretty lining to sexy underwear on one of the posts I read...And...I TOTALLY AGREE!
    f1da_1.jpg f1f2_1.jpg f5c4_0.jpg
  10. The leather small flap has a pocket in the bag :tup: I debated between this bag and the small zip hobo, but got the hobo in wine b/c it's a touch bigger. Great choice - the british tan is gorgeous, too!
  11. So cute! Great choice, I am in love with the british tan too :dothewave:
  12. BRITISH TAN is my FAVORITE bleecker color!!! I just bought a wallet in that color! Your new bag is GORGEOUS!!!! Cant wait to see modelling pics...CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  13. I like the large and the wine is tdf :drool: my second choice would be the khaki/coal.. :tup:
  14. i got the small flap khaki/coal signature for christmas. i generally like larger purses, but i think it's good to have a little one too. :biggrin:

  15. The wine is a beautiful color...I almost went with that...But...I have always admired British Tan in handbags online...And felt that I might as well get one in that color since I've always stopped and admired the leather of that particular color...