coach signature slim carly or bleeker flap in bottle green?

  1. any opinions? i know that they are two entirely different bags, but, i only get to get, the bleeker large flap in bottle green, or the carly slim khaki sig...?
  2. Do you have any pics to show?
  3. hmm totally different.. which do you like better? The thing about the slim carly that bugged me to no end was the patent strap made it fall off my shoulder CONSTANTLY.. on the other hand the bleecker has a leather part on the strap that can kind of be annoying, but it doesn't hurt or make it fall off. That is all I can say bad about either one. Good Luck! :tup:
  4. I would get the Bleeker Large flap. It has a great drop so it is easy to get in and out of.
    It is also a nice size. If they had made the Blue slim carly in the regular Carly size I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I own the Bleeker Large Laced Flap and am buying a regular Bleeker Flap tomorrow.
  5. Large Bleecker Flap~very nice classy bag!!!
  6. They are clearly very different bags. If you really like signature, then the carly might make sense, but personally I vote for the bottle green bleecker large flap. I own this bag and love it. Very easy to wear. Beautiful leather. Dark enough color that it can be worn as a neutral. Great tattersall lining. Good luck!

  7. I totally agree! I love my Bleeker flap!:tup:
  8. I would say the Beecker Flap! I have the smaller one since I was leary of the large version due to hearing ones complain about the strap. I love my small bleecker flap. I carry it in hand or on my wrist~

    Good luck on your decission~;)
  9. I love the large bleecker flap! It is a classic
  10. SAME HERE! I really hope they make it with regular leather in the future.

    My vote is for the slim carly, provided she stays on your shoulder!
  11. I love the bottle green Bleecker Flap! I am not in love with the slim carly.
  12. Much as I love Carly...definitely the Bleecker imho. I'm not feeling the slim Carly's that much and besides, I love the bottle green color.
  13. Bleecker flap! All around classic staple IMO. :tup: ...and the tattersall lining! YUM!:heart:
  14. I'd go with the Bleecker flap...I LOVE the bottle green color and I'm not a fan at ALL of the Slim Carly.