Coach Signature Satchel in Parchment Yes or No?

  1. I really like the color contrast. The shape of the satchel is beautiful. Just be aware of either color transfer or dirt if you want to use it as an everyday bag. Mahogany is gorgeous as well if you think the parchment is too high maintenance.
  2. I love it! I saw someone at Nordrstoms today with this same bag. She was wearing it with jeans and white wedge heels. REALLY CUTE!
  3. I have that satchel in denim & love it! The parchment with khaki c's is really cute!
  4. Love that bag!
  5. I absolutely love the style of the bag and the parchment is beautiful but I think I prefer the mahogany - more practical for everday since you won't have to worry as much about it getting dirty.
  6. I love it, but I also prefer the mahogany.
  7. I love the satchel in the parchment!!
  8. That bag would take extra babying to not get dirty or dingy looking. Love it, its so pretty, but the dirt factor would bug me.
  9. I really like it