Coach Signature Satchel 6232

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  2. Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday!
    Your so sweet!!!!
    Yes, I have been checking eBay but worried about authenticity. They usually go for 200 hundred bucks and up and I don't want to waste my money on a fake. But, I'll keep lookin'.
    Happy Birthday to your son!!! Hope he has a good one!:wlae:
  3. Ebay would be a very good place to check. Just keep your eyes out and "watch" a lot of them at once. That's how I usually buy the bags I want, for the price I want (unless you're in a big hurry to get one very quickly). Unfortunately, buying/selling on the forum is only allowed in the MarketPlaza part of the forum.
  4. ebay will be your best bet. and if you're not sure about it being authentic, feel free to list the ebay link in the autheticate this! sticky and we'll take a look at it!

    and coachkatie is right- there is NO buying/soliciting on here!
  5. ^^^yea, def list in auth this, when you find one you like! who knows, you may get one for cheap!
  6. New member here.. Can someone help me out... Does the Coach 6232 have Protective Feet? I see several on Ebay that do not have them...I could swear when I saw these in Dillards a few years back they had feet... Does anyone know for sure? Thank you so much.