Coach Signature Messenger

  1. Ok, ladies! I have a big question to ask you all! This may seem like an Outlet question... but it's not really an outlet question... ok, it is, but I'm crunched for time and I'm kind of looking for quick answers! Lol. Have any of you seen a signature messenger at your local outlet? I'm dying for one and I want to know if they exist at outlets and how much they are so I can maybe maybe get one for school this year. I start classes on August 21st so I'm on quite the hunt! Thanks soooo much! :flowers:
  2. Not the signature one no.
  3. None at my outlet either :/ I think they had some fabric/nylon ones though!
  4. I definitely have to take a drive out to my outlet again. I haven't been there in two weeks.
  5. How about the Large Hamptons Totes? Has anyone seen those little babies lately?!?!?!

    I'm such a whiner about this school bag thing. My boyfriends getting mad at me. Lol. He's all, "You quit your job, you can't afford to be any more trendy than you already are!" it's like... it's for SCHOOL!!!!! :crybaby:
  6. I can't think off the top of my head for the life of me what bag you are talking you have a picture? I know the Williamsburg, VA outlet have alot of the signature duffles & business totes in khaki.
  7. This is the Hamptons Tote...

  8. Haven't seen those at an outlet in AGES!
  9. i saw the purple wristlet today at woodbury commons, but thats it. there were other messengers when i went today though.
  10. CoachKatie, I've been looking for that tote too. No luck here though. It's an older hampton's line tote. The one's I saw on the July 4th weekend were the past season ones.
  11. *sigh* I'll have to come up with something. I've been dropping hints to the SO all night. I guess my hints are pretty obvious. We're going to the Outlet tomorrow. I hope they have SOME KIND of large tote. Bah.
  12. I've been to the 2 outlets in virginia..& sorry they don't have the hamptons tote anymore. Have you tried calling other coach outlets & maybe they can ship it to your outlet?
  13. I haven't. I've heard they're really iffy with that. I'm going to go to my outlet tomorrow and talk to my favorite SA and see what she would suggest. Maybe she would suggest calling another store or maybe ebay... we'll see :shrugs:
  14. My SA at the outlets said all outlets will ship to each other. I questioned her about having a daphne in stock & she said she only had one & that was from another outlet that someone requested, waiting for pick-up.
  15. Awesome! Thanks!