Coach Signature demis

  1. I have 3 of them and used to use them as an everyday purse when I was younger, but now its too small to hold all of my stuff. I find I only use them now when I go out at night or when I'm making a quick trip to the mall, but even then its a hassle to stuff my wallet, keys, cell, and lipgloss in there. Should I sell them? And does anyone have any suggestions for other uses?
  2. Ergh, I only have one and I can't really find much use for it besides what you've already said. The only I can come up with is giving it to a younger family member, but that would start some other controversy here.:graucho:
  3. OOOoooh, I have a khaki sig stripe demi and I admit she's not good for much other than quick errands. Not a good work bag and too casual for going out unless I'm going to the beach. My wallet doesn't even fit well in it either. Sorry, not much help here.
  4. Mine is being used as storage for my other Coach wallets and keyfobs. It's just too small for me to use.
  5. I have an E/W Demi that is slightly larger than the one on the website now, and is fine for evenings out....but the top handle pouches are way too small for anything!

    I tried giving my top handle to my DD, but even she couldn't use it much. She now has another bag. I'm debating between selling it on eBay later this year, or just keeping it to use as a travel bag (like a vanity case) for travel sized shampoo, toothbrush, make-up, etc.