Coach Signature Cleaner...dont Leave Coach Without It!!!

  1. Hi, girls!! I usually dont believe in buying Coach cleaners b/c I feel typically baby wipes or a wet cloth w/ water will do the trick just as well. In any event, I wound up buying a bottle of signature cleaner in my boutique, just in case...well...just in case FINALLY came up last night! I went to put some cash into my denim stripe signature wallet and noticed it had a stain on one of the white C's on the denim! I still have NO idea how it got there or what the stain could possibly be, but it was there! So, I got out my trusty bottle of signature cleaner and......VOILA....stain gone!! In a matter of 2 seconds of rubbing it in circular motion! I was so glad I had that bottle in my house for "emergencies"!!! LOL.. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know if you were considering not buying the signature cleaner....BUY IT!!! It really DOES work!!!
  2. I just picked some up on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ooh! Now I just have to get it!
  4. I love their cleaners
  5. Thanks for letting us know! I think I might go and pick up a bottle the next time I'm at the store.
  6. I keep telling myself to get a bottle of this stuff. Next time I'm in a boutique I'll be sure and do it.
  7. Good to know, thanks!
  8. Thanks! I'll have to pick some up on monday! Does anyone know if the cleaner will also work on suede?
  9. I don't recommend using it on suede. Actually I just flat out wouldn't. You could ruin the suede. There is a suede kit you can use to try and get stains out. You can go to your local boutique and ask them for a suede kit.
  10. I love this cleaner/conditioner too!! It has worked wonders on many of my bags and I brag about it constantly!! Totally good investment...a little also goes a long way!!

  11. that's great to know! :tup: I purchased some a while back when I bought my carly but luckily haven't had to use it yet!! :nogood:
  12. Very cool! I always feel these are little extras designed to rip us off so I pass, but I love these stories where they really do it!!
  13. You cannot use Coach leather cleaner on pebbled leather, vintage leather or suede :smile:
  14. I didn't even know they made signature is a must for me because my white signature soho hobo bag alone will probably need a whole bottle! I was just at Coach several hours ago,too!

    Thanks for letting us know and I will definitely be picking up a bottle
  15. An SA recommended this to me when I got my shoes and sig wristleta little while ago; I figured I'm bound to get some kind of stain on the shoes at some's good to know it works well!