coach signature beaded tote?

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  1. hi all! so, i've been wanting to buy the coach signature beaded tote (8K52--the smaller one) in khaki/silver/aqua and finally went to the coach store to buy it and discovered that it's SOLD OUT! i really really love the bag :sad:
    does anyone know where i can get one? thanks! :smile:
  2. Call Coach's 1-800 number & they can usually track one down for you. Otherwise try one of the Outlets, I saw a few there a month or so ago.
  3. thanks jillybean! i called the 1-800 number...and it's sold out!
    which coach outlets have you seen it in?
  4. It must be sold out at the outlets if they ever had them. B/C if you called the 1-800 #, they would sell it to you for retail even if it was in the outlet.
  5. If you're looking for outlets, they're not listed by Coach but I'd check under brands. They own most of the upsacle outlets in the country. I'm a member of the VIP club, which is great because it's free, and you can get great coupons: 25% off anything at Off 5th, anyone?
  6. yes! that is the right bag! although it is available from in the large...i'm looking for the aqua one in the smaller size. i saw those on ebay too...but i'm a little hesitant about buying bags from ebay as i can't tell whether they are truly authentic or not.
  7. I buy from eBay but only if they have the target sign on the inner tag. If not, I ask for help from those that know Coach well.

    Here are outlet listings:

    Just type in Coach and you see all the Coach outlets.
  8. You could always check some of the department stores that carry coach. They might have the bag in stock. Just a suggestion. Sometimes items at coach might be sold out, but some of the department stores that carry their stuff might still have them.
  9. Do any dept. stores sell Coach online?
  10. so i've called a bunch of dept. stores and none of them have any left! even the outlets don't carry them anymore! :sad:

    does anyone have one in aqua they want to sell?
  11. thanks sincitysista! that is the bag i want....just the smaller one.....
  12. Ohh, I love this bag. My mother just bought it (smaller version) in the khaki and it's so beautiful. I want to carry it myself, haha.
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