Coach signature bangles

  1. I couldn't find that many threads on Coach signature bangle so many it's not that popular here... but I LOVE THEM!!

    I got a white/silver one today... just what I've been waiting for the past 2 months! The store finally got some in! :yahoo::love:

    Copy of IMG_2102.JPG
  2. That's totally cute, congrats!
    I really like them, it's just, for that price, there are so many other things higher up on my wishlist.
    Enjoy your new purchase!
  3. aww those are sooo darling!! i love it!
  4. Congrats! That color combo is gorgeous!

    I have the 1/2" Sig Bangle in gold/gold... I love it!
  5. Isn't it so purty?? :girlsigh:
  6. I like that color combination. Very cute and in style for this season! Go silver!
  7. gorgeous
  8. I Love mine! I have the striped, the gold on gold, and just ordered the silver/white. I wear them just about every day.
  9. Very pretty! I have the 1/2" Pond & Silver bracelet (if you search "Pond Bracelet"...) How does your size feel once its on? Do you have very tiny wrists/hands? I am still debating whether its for me or not....(not because of the bracelet, but because of how it looks on my wrist... I was thinking maybe a diff size.) ;)

    They are very cute though!!
  10. My Mom has like three of them, a Legacy stripe, green/gold, pink/gold (and possibly a gold/gold) in 1/2" I can't remember anymore. LOL.
  11. Congrats! I love those colors, if only they would of made it in the 1/2 size.
  12. that color combo is great, i love it!
  13. I like them but my wrist are too skinny! Everything is not for everybody, right? congrats to those who have them. Enjoy!
  14. I have two 1/2" bangles: the Legacy stripe and the silver/pond signature. They are both beautiful, and I am wearing the pond one today in fact! I was never into bangles before, but these are so easy to wear, I have one on almost every day now, either the Coach ones or my clear inclusion bangle from LV.
  15. Cute-congrats!