Coach Sightings in the Wild!

  1. I see a lot of Coach around. Mostly leather. I have yet to see anyone carrying a Carly besides myself though :smile:

    This weekend was filled with Coach. My best friend and her fiance just bought a house so I went to help them move and paint. I had my carly, her fiance got her a watercolor stripe hobo for her bday earlier this month, her mom was carrying her Soho tote, her sister had a top handle pouch, her brother's fiancee had a Hamptons weekend hobo, and her cousin had a signature demi. Gee do you think we all like Coach?
  2. Around here, EVERYONE carries Coach. You can split them up by demographic just by their bags, too:

    High school girls don't usually have Coach bags, but the ones that do have them carry demis or wristlets, ALWAYS signature

    Moms under 40 usually carry either signature stripe totes or signature duffles, moms over 40 tend to carry patchwork totes (usually the pastel ones)

    Older women mostly carry black leather, usually in the older, classic styles

    Young, career-minded girls mostly carry black signature or black leather in styles not more than 3 years old

    Yes, I know stereotyping is wrong and all that...but it really is that way around here. The styles above, I see just about every day. Once at a movie theatre I saw a girl with a Soho large hobo just like the one I have, except it was brown instead of black. The other day at lunch, I saw a woman with an Ergo signature tote. Those are about the only notable Coach bags I've run across lately. I've never seen anyone with a white Hamptons lunch tote like mine, and I think maybe I've seen one Carly.
  3. I see Carlys all day. But I think the observations of twosirius are pretty right on.
  4. Yup, I pretty much agree with twosirius. I'll add that here (Vancouver), most of the moms seem to carry shoulder totes, duffles and swingpacks (me included for all 3 of those!), and a lot of the professional-looking women, as well as the 40s-50s moms, seem to carry leather Hamptons carryalls. I see a ton of Soho hobos in various sizes and materials, but there seems to be positive correlation between the size of the hobo and the age of the woman (probably because as women age, we have more junk to haul around? :p).

    Kristan - it's so weird that you see Carlys all day where you are. I never see them here (well, except today, go figure). I'd say here, I probably see at least one Soho hobo everyday, though.

    My sightings for today (at a big mall), were a khaki/gold medium Carly, watercolour stripe tote, small pink Soho hobo, and a dark brown signature gallery tote (just like mine!). Plus a ton of hideous fakes. Oh, and a bunch of hobos at Danier that were clearly inspired by the Soho hobo.
  5. I spotted a bunch of fakes today :yucky:
  6. i saw two cute older ladies enjoying dinner at a local Italian restaraunt and when they left they both had the resort tote in the white/denim and a blue/white sig COACH scarf tied on the bag handle. i guess they shop together! so cute! i also saw a friend who had one of the same bags that i had except hers was fake! it was the lgeacy sig shoulder zip. i wanted to tell her or ask her but i didn't know if she knew?
  7. That reminds me - I saw someone carrying a resort shoulder bag yesterday at the mall. Cute! It's the first bag from the resort line that I've seen out and about.
  8. :nuts: - I was at my daughter's Cheerleading banquet on Sunday and I carried my 2006 Spring Patchwork Tote! ... were you in Jersey over the weekend? LOL
  9. Was in Nine West tonight and saw a lady with a khaki/ebony Mandy....I'd never seen one IRL and I could barely look at shoes for looking at her bag!!
  10. They are frickin' everywhere...I saw a khaki/white Carly at the mall and it was TDF...lots of denim sig demis and wristlets...a truly HIDEOUS fake with bright blue trim in line at Mickey D's
  11. One of the murder victims on CSI tonight had a Coach wallet! I think it was the Soho signature checkbook.

    It was a sighting - of sorts - I looked for the Movie/tv thread and couldn't find it.
  12. Lol. :roflmfao:
  13. I saw a gorgeous Legacy signature shoulder bag trimmed in black last night at a local pizza place.
  14. I just saw a Leather Laced Duffle in Burgundy at the supermarket.
  15. Ok. Let's see if I can remember everything I saw today. (I'm typing on my phone.) I saw 3 small hobos (1 khaki/tan, 1 khaki/mahogany, 1 straw), a black optic bag, a chocolate large carly and a large black studded hobo. And this was just at Ross! Lol.