Coach Shrink needed :p I enjoy owning over wearing!

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  1. Ok, so I think I need a shrink. I've figured out that I'm enjoying "owning" rather than "wearing" a coach bag... I buy bags bkz I think they look adorable and would be wonderful to "have" in my "collection" but at the same time I don't wear my new purchases at all, but instead just keep them on my shelf to look at for a while, untill I feel guilty for buying a bag and not using it- so I sell/return it and go on like this. Often I also think they're too pretty to use (altough isn't a bag made to be used?) and it makes me unhappy. What's the solution to the problem? I'm honestly unsure what to do. My latest purchase was a garnet. Always wanted one. Got a siggie one. Loved it. Sooo pretty, but way too fragile to use. Now what do I do with her? Evil cycle repeating itself over and over again. And I know I'm doing this, but I can't seem to stop... this is nuts, I know. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Now what do I do? Take a break from coach, force myself to use a bag, or else?
  2. Practice tough the tag off and force yourself to take her out for the day tomorrow. Once you use her and she doesn't crumble, you'll see that even pretty bags are meant to be worn and adored in equal measure!!
  3. I think you are like a kid in a candy store right now and you really have to THINK about your purchases more. Really look a bag over, try her on and THINK about if you're really going to wear her. Collecting for the sake of collecting is FINE, but it doesn't sound like that's your goal. So...just slow down the buying process a bit. If I didn't do that, I'd own 50 bags, and that's just NOT in my budge!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I get what your talking about..hmm not sure how to help if i still have a tag on it a week later it means i didnt like it you want to have the it bag at the it was lily..then peyton and so forth...
  5. that last post was a good one..or is it the thrill of a getting a 700 dollar bag at a deal
  6. The thrill of the hunt is a BIG thing. Men go to war. We buy bags. Thank G-d I'm FEMALE
  7. I totally know what you mean OP. I am in the process of purging right now the bags that still have tags on them and one's I'm not using. It's so hard, but what's the point if I'm not using it. It is fun to look at I agree, but I am never going to have a coach museum.
  8. I agree, pick your favorite from the shelf, rip the tag off and wear it TOMORROW!!! This is an order from your PF buddies!!!! We have all probably hesitated carrying a bag here and there because we are unsure whether its a keeper and one we will use, so do not feel bad. BUT, you MUST enjoy the beauties you have. In fact, I say cut several of the tags off and rotate a different bag every other day for next week, again this is an order!
  9. well, my absolute fav is the poppy ombre bag, but i cant wear her quite yet since she was fp, i m hoping to get her price adjusted with the next pce... thats another issue with coach, always waiting for better deals/pces to show up... and by the time they do, u may already b bored staring at the same item for so long-waiting, and would rather get something "new and exciting"... an evil circle... and even when pce comes around and it gets price adjusted- maybe- just maybe, the item will be at the outlets soon, and the savings will b even better then, so tags usually stay on even then, lol...
  10. LOL! Good advice, I second that!!!
  11. I am like that with the poppy Glams..I own it in 9 colors..and 5 of them still have tags on em..its a sickness..
  12. OK, I totally know how you feel 110%, and it's not really too much fun!!! Hubby JUST said to me earlier tonight to "just save up for the bag you LOVE and quit with the revolving door!" I couldn't agree with him more, but it's easier said then done!

    What I've been trying my HARDEST to do is #1-focus on older bags that are HTF that I want in my collection. This creates a more difficult and longer "hunt" and occupies me for a longer period of time focused on ONE bag! This also keeps me from paying so much attention to the new releases!!! If the bag I want could turn up on the bay any minute, why snag up something that's a new release that I'll just kick myself for buying in 2 weeks!!! KWIM
    #2-I know this sounds CraZy but it worked for me...PURCHASE A DIFFERENT BRAND, just one will do!!! It spreads your focus out over a broad area instead on just drooling and obsessing over COACH. For instance I snagged up a Botkier Clyde Trigger, the leather is durable, it's a stylish bag and no one in my area has anything like it. It was just as affordable as Coach at $200, and let me tell ya, I'm still carrying this bag and it was purchased on the 22nd of Jan. I usually switch out more often, but I've kinda made the Trigger my everyday bag!!! <----You might be suprised how just shopping for something you LOVE that is super durable and stylish can toss you off the Coach trail quickly!!!
    #3-I hate my outlet!!! I used to make about 2-3 outlet trips a month, now I make one every 2-3 months!!! Try and limit yourself...even if there is something you think you MUST have. Tell yourself they won't have it anyway, you'll just spend $$$ on something you don't love and it's NOT your alloted time to go!!!

    Create a wishlist that only has 1 bag on it, and some HTF accessories!!! You can fill in your FOB collection which gives you your Coach fix while not spending alot of $$$$.

    The last FP bag I bought was the inlaid Peyton, and before that...I can't remember to be honest!!! I give me PCE's away, and the ONLY reason I purchased Peyton was because I received a $100 GC for x-mas from the in laws and she was in great danger of selling out, and I mean like immediate could be tomorrow DANGER of being gone!!!

    The bag I have on it's way to me now is a NWT Madison magenta shoulder bag because I needed to fill in the pink/magenta/fushia gap in my collection. I could have hopped on and found 3 or 4 pink bags, but I told myself I wanted Madison magenta leather and I held out for it!!! I could also use a bronze, but until I sell of 2-3 signature or black bags I'm not allowing myself another (unless hubby caves on the LV with tax return $$$) and that's a ONE TIME ONLY...EVER...IN MY LIFE SHOT!!! LOL

    I was on the whole "obsession" merry go round and it really kinda sucked. I was bringing home bags from the outlet, and running back up to return/exchange them the next week. I was spending the same $$$ over and over again because something was pretty. You can have a Coach collection, you just have to tell yourself it's just THAT...and what do collectors do??? They shop for their TRUE LOVES and the HTF items!!!!

    Hope this was a little help, although it kinda sounds like a ramble!!!!
  13. Good thoughts on this!

  14. I have to agree!!!
  15. I do the same thing bags and skin care DH always says when will the maddness stop. But I agree take off the tags and wear them sometimes I change bags twice a week Coach and non Coach. Some are summer and some are winter. But I have decided that I forced myself to to into the Boutique looked around saw cute things but nothing to die for so I chatted with the SA then left. Did that several times and it helps. I do regret buying FP but my outlet which I have only been to 2 times if the worst and then I get a bag and on the forum its at the outet. My regret bag but I get comliments on it would be the Copper Claire maybe because I got it then the next day it hit outlets. I feel your pain