Coach Shopping Forum!

  1. I think some people aren't used to looking for it, but it's there!
    Look at the top of this Coach Forum and you'll see a link for the much needed Coach Shopping Forum.

    Ask questions or make comments about stock you saw or are looking for, stores, SA, etc. . . .
  2. I am so confused...threads keep moving between this and the Coach Shopping sub-forum! hehehe...
  3. we are still in the process of movin stuff around so be patient!!
  4. I know! I figured as much! And know that your work is much appreciated!! :tup:

    (besides, keeps my morning interesting...hunting for threads...heheh)
  5. looks great swanky & jill!!
  6. looks great, just give us a little time to get used to it, we're not used to the shopping forum in these parts!
  7. I just bumped a few threads about outlets and meets that need to be moved there. Thanks mods!
  8. time is fine, I know it'll be a little adjustment, especially for those who only visit once in a while:yes:

    Keep the suggestions coming, I think the new mod will get to help make some decisions since she's a bigger presence in here than the few of us trying to help are.
    Sher'll have a greater grasp of what's really needed I think.
  9. Bumpity! Thanks for everything ladies!
  10. bump. . . still seeing some misplaced threads, which is FINE, but wanted y'all to see this so you'd know what goes where ;)
  11. Looks great, thanks for all of your hard work!

    We've just got a little adjusting around here to do. ;)
  12. bumpity bump!
  13. But now it's almost impossible for someone asking about authentication information to find that forum thread.

    Would it be possible to change the sub-heading of the shopping forum to say something like "Sub-Forum for Coach shopping-related and Authenticity threads"?

  14. maybe so:yes:
    I think it'll get easier though, all the other designer sub-Forums are set up just like this and there hasn't been any problem.
    But that's a good idea, I'll flag Megs and Vlad:yes: