coach shoes

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  1. Are the flats comfortable and how do they hold up? The pair I just bought has patent leather on the bottom around the sole. I wonder if that will hold up or do I have to be extra careful with them? Do they stretch out?
  2. hmm i only have their tennis shoes and flip flops they wear great
  3. i have sandals and boots and i wear the s*!t outta them! they're comfy and great!
  4. I have a pair just like you have. Patent leather on a bit of the sole. It's a thin sole at that. Honestly mine are siggy black and I find I have to baby those shoes a bit. I would never wear them all the time for fear of wearing through the sole. The patent leather is a bit scuffed on the bottom as well but of course you can't see it unless I take the shoes off. They are my once in awhile going out dress casual shoes. Funny until your thread I pretty much forgot I had these shoes. Shows just how often I wear them lol.
  5. Are they ones with elastic in the back? I have some ballet flats. At first, they rubbed the back of my heels raw. Now, it's not so bad. Mine had leather soles, and the don't have much grip on the bottoms. HTH