Coach Shoes?

  1. Does anyone know of a place or know of a book that would catalog all of Coach's old shoes? I have catalogs from last spring that feature shoes I had completely forgotten about and I know that some dept stores have "exclusives" for their store only. For example, there is a pair of shoes on ebay that I really like (see link below) and I don't think they're fake (is there a huge market for fake Coach shoes? I know the fake bag market is big...) but love some way to verify, not only for this pair but others that don't look familiar to me.

    eBay: NIB Coach Irina Black Snakeskin Leather Kitten Heels 9 (item 150033580522 end time Sep-20-06 18:43:07 PDT)
  2. I don't know about where to find a catalog of all old shoes...but I believe this pair was in department stores the same time my Naomi pumps were being sold.....I don't recall them being available from coach...but sometimes the department stores have different styles of coach shoes.
  3. Oh..and the quilted insole is to DIE for! Its SOOOO comfy! I think all shoes should have them!
  4. I don't think there's a market for fake Coach shoes, at least not that I've seen. The shoes go on sale frequently enough (and real bargains can be had at chain retailers like DSW and TJ Maxx) that I wouldn't think it would be worthwhile to fake them! JMO, maybe PFers can shed a little more light on this...
  5. I'm glad to know they look familiar! Thanks Shelbel! I think they're cute, but I did not want to buy a fake pair of shoes, of all things! And I agree, I can't imagine there being a market for fake shoes, b/c dept stores run coupons, and they do go to the closeout stores so you can get them for less than retail. I'm glad to know others think that too!:smile: