Coach Shoes

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  1. FINALLY, I got my dream job and I start tomorrow. I can actually start wearing my COACH shoes now! I have 4 pairs and I've never worn any of them for fear of ruining them....any tips on protecting them? Most of them have the sig C fabric, the only all leather pair i have is a pair of Bordeaux ballerina flats.
  2. Oh man! I forget what I sprayed on the fabric part, something like scotch guard.
  3. Oh and good luck and congrats on your new job!
  4. Congrats on getting your dream job - wishing you the best of luck!

    I don't really have any pics for protecting them so much as cleaning them. I have a pair of signature Katelyn sneakers, and they got REALLY muddy one day... but I just took a paper towel, wet it, and blotted at the fabric. No stains, and the mud came right out thankfully!

    There's also signature cleaner that Coach sells. HTH!
  5. I always replace the heel caps on high, skinny heels as those plastic ones are slippery and don't last long. I also have the thin rubber protective pieces put on the bottoms of some of my shoes - especially the more expensive ones - it's especially great for pointed toes -keeps the toes from scuffing. You can also use spray on the fabric ones - there's a lot of different ones out there.
  6. I use a silicone spray on my bags and shoes, just have to be careful on lighter color leathers as it may darken it. Re-apply every few weeks or so.