Coach Shoes

  1. Hi, is anyone good at authenticating coach shoes? Just wondering because i tried to post shoes on the authenticate this page but it seems that didn't help.

    If anyone is good at authenticating coach shoes please let me know thanks would really appreciate.
  2. Hi, does anyone know where i can authenticate coach shoes? do they do it in stores?
  3. Court is good at it. Maybe she'll see this thread once she gets on... Or you could message her. She helped me before... I think it was her... :sad:

    Post up some pictures of the shoes...
  4. Here is a pic

  5. They are real. Used but real.
  6. They are called "dalia" I think
    They have them in different colors each season.
  7. Those are the barretts!
  8. :yes: I have those in signature with red trim, and they are the Barretts.
  9. Yeah, Thanks Everyone