Coach Shoes to match my Indigo patchwork tote

  1. I saw some ballet flats and platform sandals that would match my new tote from Coach. I've never bought Coach shoes before. I also have never bought shoes without trying them on first. Does anyone have any comments on the quality and comfort of Coach shoes or know if they run true to size?
  2. I bought sandals that ran true to sz, I'm a 9 1/2 and they fit perfectly :smile:
  3. I have orange mary janes, and I LOVE them!
  4. I have beautiful coach shoes and they run very true to size. They are slides with little wooden heels and the fuschia logo on the slide. They match a bag I have perfectly.
  5. I must be a little different. Im normally a 7 but I always get a 6 1/2 at Coach. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
  6. I love Coach shoes, have the loafers with the standard C on them. I usually wear size 10 but they were sold out so 9.5 fit fine. I can't wear socks with them though
  7. some of the tennis shoes run a little big.
  8. I heard all the patchwork shoes were sold out! The sneakers are comfortable and very stylish.
  9. You guys are bad! Now I want some Coach shoes! But, the selection on their website sucks.
  10. I agree the website sold out quickly, Nishi stores have better selection

  11. I have a pair of army color coach shoes and i had to get a half size smaller. Very comfortable..
  12. I love my coach shoes. I just bought the denim wedges last week. I think I could have done with a half a size down though. My thong wedge with the butterflies and flowers on it are a little small on the other hand.
  13. I bought mine at Marshalls about two months ago. I'm still waiting to take them out of the house! It's been too rainy. I brought them to the Coach store and they told me to scotchguard them before I wear them to protect them from staining.
  14. Through my experience with Coach shoes, I find that most of their shoes run tts. For sneakers I usually got 1/2 up since I wear socks, flip-flops 1/2 size up so my heels don't hang, and for heels... tts.

    Comfort-wise: they need to be broken into or else you'll get insane blisters =/ I learned that the hard way with most of my coach shoes.

    Quality-wise: I still have shoes that I bought 3 years ago today and they still look brand new! =) But one of my kitten-heel rubber flip-flops split at the thong after some wear =( Otherwise, I've only had positive experience
  15. NICE collection Jen! :nuts: