Coach Shoes on Sale

  1. Hi everyone! I have read in other posts that a lot of you seem to find some great deals on Coach shoes at Macy's - but i have never seen them on sale at the one by me! I got to thinking- where do you see Coach shoes on sale? I know my TJMaxx used to have them once in a blue moon, but I havent seen them their for years. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I just bought a pair at DSW. I was lucky because I had been seen them on a prior visit but didn't have the money so I waited and when I went back they were in their clearence section!!
  3. Macy's. I've gotten a few pairs on sale. Try to find out the location where they are on sale and have them shipped to you.
  4. I find that their boutique have better sales on shoes than Macy's. Saks Off 5th also have goods deals on Coach shoes too.
  5. I also find that the Coach stores seem to have better sales on the shoes than Macy's. The problem is that only certain Coach stores carry shoes so you either have to check the Coach web site or call their Customer Service Dept. to find out which Coach stores carry shoes.