Coach shoes on Sale @ Macys

  1. I forgot to post this over the weekend but I think the sale is still on through today. At Macy's if you buy 2 or more pairs of shoes you get an extra 20% off - including Coach!!
    Plus I opened a charge account so I could get another 20% off... I ended up getting:

    Melisa Ballet Sneakers for $56.96 (reg. $98.00)
    Barrett Signature Sneakers in Black for $38.40 (reg $88.00)
    Legacy Stripe Ladie Ballet Flats for $70.40 (reg $138.00)
    Black leather Ladie Ballet Flats for $101.22 (reg $158.00) - I think I still paid too much for these so they are probably getting returned:sad:

    Oooo... I also picked up the Denim Signature Stripe hobo for $101.60 (reg $228)
  2. WOW, yeah for Macy's!!
  3. great deals. You should keep the ladie flats they are too cute to return.
  4. great deals! i will take those ladie flats off your