Coach shoes on Gotham City Online

  1. Via Livejournal's coach_lovers community, Gotham City Online has a massive selection of Coach shoes on sale. The prices aren't spectacular, but they do have a huge selection and a lot of them are ones I know I've seen people talking about before on here.

    Hope this helps people out who can't seem to find their favorite Coach shoes anywhere.
  2. I've purchased 2 pairs of Coach and one pair Via Spiga from Gotham City online and have been very happy with the price and products - They ship their shoes super quick too...
  3. I may buy a pair from them. I think I saw that they allow returns right? I'm awful with sizing myself online.
  4. I've been watching them for a while and just orderd my first pair earlier today. I think it said the include a free return label with your purchase in case you need to send it back.
  5. I LOOOVE Gotham City. :love: Although they always seem to have the shoes I want but not in my size.
  6. I saw that post on there too, I really wanna order a pair of boots from there that I've been wanting for 2 years.
  7. If shoes dont sell well on their website, they sell on ebay. I have waited for shoes I like on their site and it went to ebay :smile: They have 2 different screennames and I have bought from both.
  8. Gotham City's GREAT!!! Highly recommend!! I'm going to check out the site right now!
  9. I LOVE gotham city online. I've been buying shoes from them for a little over 2 years now. There's no shipping, no tax an it's just great!

  10. I saw that too. I think their listing price on ebay is slightly different than the price on their website.