Coach shoes made in china?

  1. Hi coach ladies! I was at my friendly neighborhood DSW today stocking up on some fall shoes, and I saw some cute coach flip-flops...they looked great, felt great, but they said 'made in china' so that kind of made me wonder - are coach products really made in china or were they a fake bunch?

    I am almost 100% sure that coach is an american based product hence my wondering
  2. Yea some handbags are made in china too
  3. ^^ also, my some bags are made in china
  4. I just thought of something...

    The first Coach I got (2001?) was made in China! And I swear half my shoes are made in China. When exactly did Coach start producing their bags overseas?
  5. I don't think coach makes anything in the US anymore do they?
  6. ^ I don't think so either.
  7. I own three pairs of shoes all from Coach stores. One of the 3 pairs is made in italy. It retailed for $170 but the other two that are flip flops are made in China.
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