Coach shoes!!! Help needed!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some help... I want to buy Coach flats over the internet but I am unsure about my size.. Im an Australian size 7.5 but Im not sure if its the same as 7.5 US or, even 8 US....

    I ususally wear Nine West shoes in size 7.5 M... Does anyone wear Nine West shoes size 7.5? Perhaps you could tell me what is Coach equivalent???

    Any help in this matter will be GREATLY apreciated as I am absolutely crazy about the new Coach flats and REALLY want to buy them :yes::yes::yes:

    Thank you ladies :tup:
  2. I looked on Coach's website under the FAQ but it only lists the conversions for US to European sizes.

    I'd suggest emailing or calling Coach Customer Service and ask them. You can use this link:

    Also, I did a google search for your question and did come across this website which has a bunch of Aussie to US conversions. I don't know if it's correct or not, but it seems to be pretty comprehensive and it does say that you subtract 1.5 from the US size, to get the UK equivalent. I hope that helps. :smile: