Coach Shoes | Do You Have Them?

  1. I only just realized that Coach also do shoes!

    Has anyone bought them. Are they as good as their bags?

    Share your purchases :smile:
  2. I have an addiction to the shoes as well. I love the tennis shoe collection, the boots, dress wear, sandals, they fit true to size, and look FAB. If you want to see what they offer, the best place to see the most variety of styles is on eBay. Macy's right now has a great clearance section on last season's styles. I went in there yesterday and picked up 2 more tennis shoes.
    Good luck, you've just entered another part of COACH :drool:
  3. I have two pairs of katelyn's and LOVE them! I wear them so much and they hold up really well. Also, they're SUPER comfortable! I say go for it and buy them! :yes:
  4. Mhmmm I have Katelyns as well and LOVE them. They are so comfy and they go with basically anything! They are a great investment.
  5. nope don't own a pair of coach shoes yet, i want to get the leather wedge sandals... TDF! :love:... waiting til they go on sale!
  6. I just bought some yesterday. I got them for 57.00 dollars at Nordstrom. I am unsure of the name but they are the ones that look like converse. They look really well made.
  7. Here are some of mine. I bought another pair the other day. I will post later.:heart:
    my coach shoe collectionedit 002.jpg my coach shoe collection 004.jpg my coach shoe collection 005.jpg
  8. i only have 3 pairs of Coach shoes :crybaby:i have a pair of brown/gold katelyn's, a multicolor pair of barrett's, and a pair of signature slide pumps.
  9. I bought one pair from macy's a couple years ago. They are a pair of pink wedges, so cute. I hope to add more to my collection.
  10. I don't have any coach shoes but I wish I did.:crybaby:
  11. I have a pair of the sneakers, just bought them a few months ago. I have only worn them once but I love them! :tup:
  12. i have the katelyn bronze and some blue small wedge sandals...i've been trying to find them because the signature wore off, but i can't...i don't think that coach can fix those
  13. As I just posted in another thread, I have three pairs of Coach shoes - all three are sandals (two signature and one leather). I love them and I always get tons of compliments on them when I wear them. I can't allow myself to have as many pairs of shoes as bags, though, because I just can't afford it!!
  14. I have three! Katelyn sneakers in khaki/white (havent worn them yet- waiting for the spring!), josie flats in khaki w/ brown (they have tornnnnn up my feet! i hope they break in soon b/c I cant deal with any more blisters from them!) and Bliss flats in black/black sig --> i love those!!!
  15. I don't. SIL (who was interested in Coach first and whose fiance buys her lots of it) says she gets a pair every year for Christmas - and they never make it to the next Christmas. Take it for what's it worth, I guess... I'll be honest that while I love the bags, I really think the footwear is kind of gaudy. Then again, I usually stick to about 3 pairs of shoes and they're all pretty plain so they'll go with everything.