Coach shoes at Nordstrom's Rack

  1. I just received a sale postcard from Nordstroms Rack stating they will have Coach shoes from $49.90-119.90 beginning Tuesday, May 8. Thought it might be worth checking out. The doors open at 9:30 am.
  2. Cool! Thanks for the info! :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info. I might go check it out on thursday.
  4. I just call a call about this sale from Nordstroms Rack. She said that they will have misc Coach items and the sale will begin on Tuesday at 930 in the morning. To bad I have to go to work. I would love to be there when the doors open.
  5. I see you're from New England. Are you close to Connecticut? We have a Nordstrom near Hartford. Let me know if you are close and I'll send directions.
  6. Not near a Nordstrom Rack- is someone planning on going?
  7. I plan on going Tuesday evening. Hopefully they will still have a lot left.
  8. Thanks for the post!!
  9. I totally forgot about my shopping ban.:cursing: I new this was going to be tough.

    Well the least I can do is still go and report back what I saw.
  10. Thanks for info.
  11. Thanks for sharing! I'm wondering how many PFers are gonna be running to Nordies now :smile:
  12. I will be there!!!
    My husband told me about it. An SA told him they have been holding off on putting coach out for about two weeks - plus they are getting a big shipment for this event.
    I went to the outlet a week ago and bought five bags(four bags will be gifts-i hope). Now this!!! I will be finished for the year.
  13. is there a nordstroms rack in connecticut? I didn't think there were any in New england.. that would be sweet!
  14. Ugh!!!!
    I am still livid
    I went to the Nordtrom Rack shoe sale this morning. I got there at 9 a.m.. I noticed the door was opened so I went in. There were maybe five or six customers in the store, mostly in the shoe section. As i'm walking toward the tables people are standing around I notice two things 1) There's basically no coach boxes on the table, and 2) Three ladies have carts loaded with coach boxes.
    At this point I can feel my blood begin to boil!!!!
    I tried to remain calm, I looked at the shoes on the table. They were shoes from probably early '06, maybe even late '05. Most were 9.0 to 11.0
    I was livid!!!!!! A few other people came in, and were visibly upset also. One lady with a cart over flowing with boxes starts going thru them deciding which ones she wants. I kid you not she had at least 20 pairs of shoes in various sizes. Women started waiting around her to see if she didn't want something so they could look at it. The SA's were telling people all they could was wait to see what this woman didn't want( her friend was satisfied with her cart load). I was so mad I asked to speak with the store manager. she was no help, but did offer to ask the cart lady if she had any she didn't want!!! I told the manger;"Thank you, but I did not come to shop from Ms.Smiths cart, I came to shop at Nordstrom's" I also told her " Even Target puts limits on how many jugs of Tide you can get on sale, and you just let three people walk out with all the shoes, in a sale you sent out postcards for, in the first five minutes of the sale. This is ridiculous ". Guess what this dimwit says," Next time We will try to set limits" Next time!, Next time! I told her their will not be a next time. I am still livid. The shoes were kind of old, but I could have matched up some shoes to bags I have already.
    I am going to complain to corporate. Norstrom and the rack are usually much better with these things I was really disappointed.