Coach Shoes at Macy's

  1. Does anyone else find that at Macy's towards the end of the season they will have the best deals on Coach shoes?

    In August, I got the cutest gold sandals that were origionally $100 for $48. And in the past I have found lots of good deals as well.
  2. I've seen some on Macy's clearance racks for reeeeaaally great prices, though the styles never fit me. A few weeks ago I saw the tall wedge sandals there for less than $50!
  3. ^^^^ me too, they are usually too big for me. I always see the cutest shoes in the sales rack @ Macys, but they are always 2 sizes up. What a shame.
  4. I wear a 9 and these gold sandals were an 8 1/2, but since they were a flip flop it some how fit!! : )
  5. DSW has better deals on COACH shoes, and sooner than Macy's clearance sales. I got the white Irelands (patent w/espadrille wedge) at DSW $20 cheaper and 2 months sooner than they were on sale at Macy's, and even then they only had black...I would have gotten both, but they run big and didn't have them in my size :cry:
  6. I've gotten a few pairs of Coach shoes from macy's that were awesome! Need to find out where the closest DSW shoes at-:smile:
  7. My DSW rarely has Coach shoes & never for as cheap as when on clearance at Macys. I must have scored 4 or 5 pairs of Coach shoes at Macys in August... can't wait until they start clearancing their fall styles!
  8. in august i got 3 wedges that retailed for $178 each, got em for $54 each. i also got a pair of gold flip flops that retailed for $78 and i got em for $24. ahh i love macy's sales lol.
  9. I've only seen Coach shoes at my DSW a couple of times. BUT…my Macy's has just recently started selling Coach shoes so I'm super psyched about that!
  10. Ohh congrats!!!!

    My Macy's sucks. They sell Coach bags, but no shoes in sight!! :sad:

    And my Lord&Taylor has NO sales whatsoever on mom did score a pair of boots for $80 one time. And sometimes they have some bags on clearance.
  11. yeah mu macy's always has good sales for coach shoes and i have found coach at dsw for cheap.
  12. I recently got the Tonya patchwork sneakers in indigo at Macy's for $60--I am SOOO psyched! Can't wait to wear them!

    I have a common shoe size, too. I was so lucky to get them--I think the other ladies missed them in the sea that is the clearance rack.

    (BTW, my DSW does not have good prices on Coach shoes, either. Usually about $20 below full retail.)
  13. I can find great deals on Coach shoes at Macys too. I got my Ireland wedges and white Barrett sneakers both for under $50 each, I don't recall the specific prices. I ALWAYS check the clearance rack when I'm nearby! No DSW around here so Macy's clearance is my only hope!

    On a side note: saw a pair of Barrett style sneakers there last week in the tattersall pattern. Soooo cute!
  14. A macy's that doesn't sell Coach shoes?? :wtf:

    I didn't know such a horrid place existed. That sucks.
  15. I didn't know that DSW sold Coach. Good to know. Also, how often are things clearanced at Macy's? The nearest one is an hour away so it's kind of a planned trip whenever I go.