coach shoe sizing

  1. I never bought or tried on any coach shoes before so how is the sizing? TTS, small or big fitting? I was interested in the cotte ballet flats. I normally wear a 6.5 or 7 so what size do you think i should get?
  2. flats run about a 1/2 size big.
  3. I just bought a pair of sneakers, and they do seem to be a half size too large, but I like the way they fit my feet. I bought my espadrilles a half size up because they only have that style in whole sizes, and those fit perfect as well. The sandles seem to run true to size for me.
  4. so if one normally wears between a whole and half size (I bounce between a 9, 9.5 depending on the shoe), one should order the half size down? (meaning a 9 in my case?)

    excellent question juicy_girl, i was just wondering the same thing myself!
  5. for COACH sneakers, yes.

    i usually wear a 10 in boots/dress shoes/etc., but in their sneakers I wear a 9.5, and they fit comfortably and not too snug at all.
  6. would you agree with kallision that the flats run a half size larger too?
  7. I would order a 1/2 size smaller than your regular size. I do order my regular in the thongs/flip flop.
  8. I brought a pair of sneakers last night in my true size and they seem to be a little loose, but boy did they feel great!
  9. I normally wear size 8 but it's too big. The ballet flats that I bought is size 7 1/2 but they are still a little big so I just put a pad so my feet won't slide off.. :smile:
  10. I always get my size and they fit right.
  11. I usually go 1/2 size down but the sneakers I recently purchased are my size and they feel fine.
  12. The loafer pumps I got feel a little big. I normally wear a 7.5 and in this size the pumps fit well with thick tights but feel loose with nylons. I probably should have gone down a half size, but I got them on sale so had to make do with what was there.
  13. Coach shoes used to be TTS on me but I've noticed more variation in flats lately, as others have already pointed out. In fact, in one of last season's styles (velvet loafer with flat bow) I have two pairs where one is size 11 and the other is size 10 (I'm an 11). This is why I won't order Coach shoes without trying them on first.
  14. how do boots run? TTS?