Coach Shoe Sizing...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just ordered Coach Flats & wanted to know if the sizes run small/Lg or normal? Maybe I should have asked before getting them :girlsigh: cause now I'm stressing. Oh & what about the sandals, thanks for all the help!!
  2. Which One Did You Get
  3. Mine aren;t flats but the pumps I got off of Ebay run true to size but are a bit narrow.
  4. The LADIE Signature CC Ballet Flats, I also got them from Ebay but haven't received them yet, I'm a 7.5 but sometimes fit a 7 (depending on the shoe)
  5. Pretty true to size
  6. True to size, but a bit narrow for me.
  7. The shoe sizing on the Coach website confuses me a bit. Does 6 and 6.5B (I'm a 6 1/2, but my feet are very, very small), also apply to my shoe size? I've been wondering about this ever since I first laid eyes on the shoe that I wanted (Sari). I tried them on at Macy*s which was labeled a "medium." It fits, but it didn't look good on me, so I didn't buy it.

    I would also like some help on the shoe sizing as well, if that's okay. :sad:
  8. I only have two pairs, one of them being flats, but I would agree that they run pretty TTS.
  9. I normally wear 7.5 and 8 for boots but for Coach, I wear size 7 in most styles including heels, platforms, sneakers, and flats and 8.5 for boots.

    Hope this'd help. :flowers:
  10. Maybe I have weird feet, but for me the sizing is all over the place. I find that in boots, wedges, & heels, they run TTS. But the Ladie flats & Dawnell sneaks I need an 8 in, whereas I normally would wear a 9 & in the Jillys, where you'd think I'd go smaller b/c they're flat, I needed my normal 9 in. In Josies & Barrett sneaks, I need an 8.5. But I have a narrow heel. I'm sure your shoes will turn out fine, b/c compared to all the posts I have weird feet, plus I KNOW I'm a little funny about my shoes. You'll love them, though; Coach quality cannot be beaten.:tup:
  11. I am between two sizes, but for Coach shoes I always get the larger size. The only exception for me has been the Jilly flats - they were true to size to me.
  12. I honestly think they run differently at times... I always try them on before purchasing. There are some shoes I can wear smaller than my normal size, and other times I need my true size or larger. Mostly Coach sneakers and many platform sandals make hash out of my heels because my heels are very narrow, and the shoes always rub. I don't like their ballet flats because they feel like earth shoes to me or something...I feel like I'm going to tip backwards in them. Probably this is because I'm used to wearing platforms most of the time.

    I really love Coach shoes, but don't find much other than their boots tremendously comfortable TBH. Thus, most of my Coach shoes rarely get worn...and when I wear them, it's for short periods of time.
  13. Thanks ladies for all your help, I stop by today at Coach & they told me that most of their flats run a 1/2 size bigger (unless you have wide feet) & the sandals run true to size, hope this helps any-1 clueless (like me) & in the meanwhile I'll be crossing my fingers :girlsigh:
  14. I have those shoes and I found they run true to size.
  15. I usually order the Coach (ballet) flats a 1/2 size smaller than what I normally wear.