COACH Shoe Sale

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  1. Does anyone know when COACH normally have their shoes on sale?
    The only time I know of is around Thanksgiving when fall shoes are on sale.
  2. The outlet in Niagara Falls (Canada) had TONNES of shoes as of Sunday -- you may want to check your outlet. The SA there said they never know when they are getting them from the FP stores.
  3. I've seen shoes go discounted in the FP stores.. but they don't really advertise it... normally is to make room for the next season's shoe line.
  4. Seems like the FP stores always have some on sale - but you have to turn the shoes over to view the current price - no sale signs to indicate that there's a deal.
  5. Did they have many different styles?? Were they mostly sneakers /casual shoes or were there dressy ones (heels/pumps) Any boots?

  6. They had a number of styles .. I saw someone with heels with the Coach signature pattern on them .. LOL! But, yes there were sneakers and casual shoes .. I don't remember seeing boots. I really can't wear shoes that are not specialty, so I rarely notice them :smile:.