Coach Shoe Sale

  1. I came home this morning from work to find a message on my phone from my local coach store that some of the shoes are reduced to 30-50% off including some recent ones like the Starla. There were several when I called and I thought I would let you all know in case no one was called yet.
  2. Really? If you find out which kinds are on sale, please let us know! I don't live close enough to a boutique to check it out, but might phone in an order.
  3. Thanks for the info. I definitely have to check this out. :smile:
  4. Wow, thanks janfill! =)
    I called my Coach and they said it's effective today, but she wouldn't wait to come in.
    I asked her to name a few, but she said them really fast and unfortunately I'm not too familiar with the names...
    I'll try to rehash a few:
    corn (sp?)

    okay the only ones I think I named right are the daphnes, lol. Sorry guys.
  5. I'll have to look those up. Thanks PyAri!
  6. on a quick eBay search, this is what i found
    These are the lindseys

    These are daphne


    These are Ireland


    These are Mayra

    I love the Ireland and Mayra!
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I must stop by today and check it out.
  8. Thank you karenmae1983.
    I can't get on to eBay from work and I've been dying to see what the shoes look like.
  9. Love the Irelands, they would match the ergo patent!!! OMG, see a trend coming my way....
  10. I think the Korin slide, summer, those flip flops with the star thingie on them, starla, the Jaquline sling back, lyndseys, starla and there were a few more she named. I think the patchwork tennis shoes and dapheny. I cannot remember all of them but I mainly asked for the flat or slight wedges. Those cute little pewter flats they also had.
  11. Thanks for this post!! as soon as i saw it i literally left school to go pick some shoes up!!
  12. Are any of the sneakers on sale? I want to get the Dalia sneaker in khaki/punch. Oh I just read on the Coach website that they are going to have more of the Dalia sneakers in black/white after May 17. I had been wanting them in the past but they did not have my size.
  13. the only sneakers i saw on sale was the patchwork ones
  14. Ok:crybaby:
  15. i have the dalia anyway... i love it!!! i got the khaki/gold.. boy do they run true to size!!