Coach Shoe Sale...up to 50% off

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  1. FBFAN for free ship
  2. wow i have never seen coach have a sale....thanks!
  3. ^^they only put the shoes on sale online/boutiques -- everything else that's cleared out of the stores pretty much goes to the Factory stores (outlets).
  4. Just wondering if the shoes do not fit, can I return them to a Coach store? If I am reading their policy right, it says full price items can be returned but the shoes I want are on sale.
  5. Awesome! Nothing really interests me but FYI Coach shoes are very comfy in case anyone is wondering!
  6. Coach has an amazing return policy. If you buy it online, you can return it to any Coach store including the Outlets. Just make sure you have your receipt to get a refund and they are picky - it has to get returned the same way you paid (if you charged it on a certain card make sure you have that exact card or they will only give you merch. credit). There is no time limit on their returns either.
  7. Thanks op
  8. Thanks OP!!!

    DC-Cutie I just ordered the SAME clogs & price-matched through Nord's & got the free shipping promo also :yahoo:
  9. :yahoo::yahoo: Yayy!!!

    I also decided to order these: COACH FAWN SANDAL
  10. thanks for posting, I wanted the Aliza bottie forever but just couldn't, and now at 1/2 off I had too

    also picked up the Fawn sandal

    really it was on sale & free ship

    just hope they fit my feet
  11. I tried to price match this with nordstrom but they wont do free shipping. is it true they dont match free shipping?
  12. Coach has a code FBFAN

    and with Nordies all I can say is try again, some will give it to you and others will not

    I just ordered through Coach because Nordies didn't have the boots
  13. I like! You got a great deal - congrats!